Singorama Review – – How to learn singing

You too can gain that extra octave your voice needs

Singorama is a comprehensive online singing course developed by Australian Singer and Vocal Trainer Melanie Alexander, which aims to give singers a good training in singing.

Melanie Alexander is an experienced vocal coach, and She has experienced some incredible successes as a singer as well, earning a Gold, & 2 platinum albums, a hit singles in Australia & Asia as part of a band called “Girlfriend”

Singorama is currently one of the largest online training programs for singing on the Internet. In our review, we will examine whether you can get the money you paid for the sigorama training program.

When you choose your vocal coach, the most important thing is to find out if the coach really can sing. As a singer, Melanie’s record is flawless. Melanie did it in the real world of professional singing.

If so, the next question is – can they teach? After a close look at this program, I will tell you the features of the program so that you can make a decision for yourself.

After purchasing the course and logging in to the training site, First of all, you get a nice video that Melanie welcomes with a lovely smile. Each course and practice is an audio mp3 file and the whole course seems to be audio-based.

When you start listening to 28 lessons from the start module, you will be very impressed by the quality of the education of each mp3 lesson and practice.  The Singorama training program is quite brave about giving high quality audio mp3 Lessons and Trainings on the internet.

As you listen to the lessons, you see the teacher’s vocal presentation that explains complex singing concepts in an easy to understand way. When you listen to mp3 lessons with excellent audio recording quality, you will find it very relaxing for your ears.

You can easily download any audio mp3 file. You can listen on the go to work and wherever you want.

Lessons and training cover everything from warming, breathing, expanding the vocal range, strengthening your voice, performing on stage and singing.

In addition to the singorama with extensive audio lessons and exercises, it also offers original Singorama training books for beginners and advanced singers and explains all the concepts taught in the program.

The Singorama training platform has a simple design language and you will never lose your way or feel overwhelmed while exercising.

If you want to learn the right singing techniques, you’ll listen to the Getting Started lessons. If you want to start the application, go to the Vocal Exercise module.

In addition to basic lessons and vocal applications, the program offers great functionality in e-books, tools and software, such as the Mini Recording Studio that you could use to recording yourself as you sing, and playback to hear what you need to improve on.

Another great software they offer for free is Perfect Your Pitch, which you can use to implement your step precision.

Another great feature of Singorama is that it provides students with original songs to practice and learn. In this way, students can practice vocals, music and full mix with original songs on each separate track.

Advantages of Singorama

  • Simple and easy to use training platform; great for beginners and intermediate level singers.
  • Easy to listen, high quality audio lessons and tutorials.
  • Many bonus modules with softwares, tools and e-books.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Singorama is currently the most affordable and complete song program on the internet, which is quite a lot compared to the price it provides.

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